Caribbean Sailboat Charters – Monohull Yachts

At Island Life Charters, we want to help you leave the everyday behind and explore the incredible world of the Caribbean aboard your very own yacht charter. We understand our clients have different expectations, and for that reason, we offer a wide range of Caribbean sailboat charters, including the ability to charter a Monohull yacht.

Why consider a Monohull for your Caribbean excursion?

While you’ll definitely experience more action with a monohull yacht charter than with a catamaran, that’s actually part of the overall experience. There’s nothing quite like heeling over as you add canvas to take advantage of the wind to power you across the water to your next island destination. Of course, the monohull yacht charters do come equipped with a motor, so if the winds are light, there’s no need to worry. With that being said, monohull yacht charters do experience more motion while underway than catamarans do, so inexperienced sailors may need time to adjust. Those prone to motion sickness might be better sailing aboard a catamaran, as well.

Advantages of Monohull Yacht Charters


One of the most important advantages of a monohull yacht charter is that the helm (wheel or tiller) is more responsive than in a catamaran. This makes steering a more engaging experience.


Simply put, monohull vessels deliver the classic sailing experience you desire. While catamarans are stable and plenty of fun, there’s nothing quite like taking to the seas aboard a monohull sailing yacht.


A crewed charter aboard a Monohull yacht is typically more affordable than what you would expect from a comparably sized catamaran. With this said, the space will typically be more limited below deck.


A Monohull charter can be the perfect choice for a Honeymoon or Romantic charter, or for a small family, offering classic charm and adventure.

If you’re ready to experience all that Caribbean Sailboat Charters have to offer, contact Island Life Charters today to learn more about the best yacht options available for your charter vacation.