Types of Yachts Available for Private Yacht Charter

Monohull Charters

Dreaming of a traditional sailboat charter vacation but don’t know how to sail? No problem! We offer bookings on crewed monohull yacht charters which include a seasoned captain (who will gladly show you the ropes) or you can just enjoy the views as you and your guests are chauffeured from island to island. For a total getaway, opt for a private yacht charter which includes an onboard chef! All you will have to do is decide what to do with your long days in paradise.

Catamaran Yacht

Stability and space are just two of the advantages of a catamaran yacht charter. When you choose a catamaran for your Caribbean excursion, you enjoy an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience! The spacious decks allow you to have plenty of room to entertain or enjoy sunbathing and swimming while underway. Sail is no problem for the extravagant catamaran. Our catamaran yacht charters are equipped with twin motors (one on each hull) to ensure there’s always power to get you to your next port of call. A catamaran charter is a great choice to explore the incredible beauty of the Caribbean!

Motor Yacht

Looking for a luxurious yacht experience equipped with the finest amenities? Then a motor yacht charter is the best option for you! Tour the Caribbean being pampered by professional crew members while enjoying features like our over-sized guest suites, larger dining areas, and a rejuvenating hot tub! The performance of a motor yacht charter will leave you cruising through the islands with comfort and high-quality service. Undergo an unforgettable trip in the lap of luxury with a motor yacht charter. Contact us today to book your dream vacation!