Travel & Sailing Tips – Yacht Charter FAQs

What are the most important considerations in selecting a yacht?

In addition to a yacht that comfortably accommodates your group, the crew plays a very important role in your charter vacation. It is important to determine what qualities are most important to your group – personality, style of cuisine, level of hospitality, enthusiasm, sailing proficiency, energetic nature with kids, related to your age group or desired activity level.

What are the best options for larger groups?

For groups of more than 8 guests or multiple families, a Tandem Charter is a great option. We will carefully select yachts and crews that would best work together to accommodate the needs of your charter.

What is the role of the crew?

The crew is responsible for handling all aspects of your charter vacation to ensure your comfort and safety. Prior to your arrival, the crew will fully stock the yacht with your preferred provisions for meals and beverages. Each day the crew will recap the intended itinerary and activities with your group, refresh the cabins and overall tidiness of the yacht, provide your meals, snacks, cocktails and beverages, engage in desired water sports and implementation of select water toys, and handle all aspects of the yacht to allow you to relax and unwind. If you are celebrating a special occasion, be sure to let your crew know in advance so that they can make it extra special.

Should you purchase Trip Insurance?

In the event that unexpected circumstances threaten your travel plans, having travel insurance in advance can provide peace of mind and protection of your financial investment. We would be glad to provide you with links to obtain quotes from various providers of travel insurance.
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What is the typical length of charter?

Most charters are quoted for 7 nights or longer, but they may be prorated for 6 nights or less. A surcharge may apply for some yachts with charters of shorter length.

What is the Boarding Time?

Boarding and Drop Off times are typically at 12 Noon on each day respectively.

Do I have to start on a specified date of the week?

Based upon availability, you can start your charter on any day of the week that works best with your travel plans.

Where do Virgin Island’s charters typically start and finish?

For charters in the Virgin Islands (USVI’s and BVI’s), pick up and drop off locations are typically St Thomas or Tortola. We will check with any yachts of your particular interests and advise you what their preferred locations are listed as to advise on your best travel options.

Is fishing an option?

Yes, most of the yachts offer on-board fishing. A fishing license is required for anyone 18 yrs of age or older that wants to fish while in the BVI’s. A license is not required in the USVI’s. If fishing is of particular interest with anyone in your group, we will cover options in full detail.

When should I book my flights?

Once the Hold is confirmed and you have reviewed the Charter Agreement and other details of your charter, it would be recommended that you verify the availability of desirable flights for these dates.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept ACH & wire transfers and checks. Please ask us if you’d prefer to use a credit card.