Know Before You Go

Whether you’re planning an all-inclusive sailing vacation or an epic bareboat excursion, it is a good idea to be prepared and knowledgeable about life on and around the islands as well as life on a sailboat. Our Yacht Charter Specialists have compiled a list of things to know before you travel to the Caribbean.

Before You Travel

Do I need a Passport or Visa to travel to the Virgin Islands?

For US Citizens:
U.S. Homeland Security will require that all US Citizens have a valid US Passport to regain entry to the US or USVI’s.  Please be sure to check the expiration date of the passports for all guests and allow (a minimum of 6 months) ample time for renewal if will expire prior to your charter vacation.

Entry to the British Virgin Islands:

  • US Citizens can enter the BVI’s with a valid passport, no visa is required.
  • Non-US Citizens may require a visa to enter the BVI’s and/or the US.

Other Caribbean destinations may require a tourist visa be obtained in advance of travel. We will be glad to assist with verifying the travel requirements of all parties of your group.


While You’re Here

Island Greetings
When you arrive to the Virgin Islands or Caribbean, build the habit to say your greetings and farewells. It is customary to say hello, hi, good morning, and good evening.

Day 1 of your Caribbean adventure be sure to pace and gauge yourself in the new environment. Hydrate well and back on the sunscreen. You want to start this vacation well not well-done!

If you come early or decide to extend your stay in the Caribbean and will be driving a car, be mindful to drive on the left side of the road even in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Also watch out for farm animals – they tend to roam!

Since the U.S. governed island Saint Thomas is behind most exports to the BVIs, the U.S. dollar is still the running currency.